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Planting grass from seed

Planting a lawn from seed is a difficult process. It takes patience, good weather, plenty of water and some luck. Northeast Building Supply in Cornwall Bridge, Conn., has all your lawn supplies.

Various types of grass seed

Tips for planting grass seed

Check your soil

When you want to grow grass from scratch, the first thing you need to do is check or test your soil, see how moist it is, and how much water and fertilizer is required for planting.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

These nutrients are present in any fertilizer and will help a new lawn grow. Getting the correct proportions for the lawn you are planting is a question for a lawn and garden professional.

Sowing the seeds

Purchase seeds that are organic since all fertilizers have the nutrients needed to begin germination. Plant seeds in a straight line so there is a formation, Straight lines can be formed with a pitchfork.


After seeds are planted, it’s vital that adequate water be applied so all the nutrients from the fertilizer is absorbed into the ground.

Purchasing the correct grass seed

You can buy variety of grass seed. Each seed has its own season. Following are the various types of seed according to its preferred growing season.

Warm weather

Bahia grass seed

Well known as a low-maintenance lawn.

Bermuda grass seed

Even in drought or hot and dry climates, this grass grows without problems. Used primarily for athletic fields and golf courses.

Buffalo Grass seed

A mixture of bahia and bermuda, it requires minimal maintenance and can tolerate cold weather.

Carpet grass seed

As the name suggests, it feels like a carpet. It has a thin, soft texture but is strong and firm.

Centipede Grass

Grows slowly and is low maintenance. Rarely needs to be mowed.

Dichondra seed

This grass is used in areas where it is difficult to mow.

Cold weather

Bent grass seed

This type of grass is grown in high-end residential areas and commercial buildings with garden rooftops. Very thin and smooth but costly to maintain.

Blue Grass seed

Mostly planted in children’s parks and private gardens. A common grass.

Fescue grass seed

This type of grass grows into a thicker and taller lawn when compared to other grasses.

Rye grass seed

Mixed with other grass seed to control erosion.

Wildflower Lawn Mix Seed

A mixture of a variety of grass seeds, depending on which wildflowers and clovers grow. A high-maintenance grass since weeds might grow along with the wildflowers.

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